We, at Orasi Software are committed to helping our customers, and the testing community, improve the quality and security of applications on the market. To further this goal, Orasi has launched EyeOnTesting.com, an independent web site where the quality assurance community can come together to share information and improve communication.

EyeOnTesting.com is a “Community” that has some unique features among forum and discussion board sites. EyeOnTesting.com is not a discussion board, it is a place for questions to be answered!

EyeOnTesting.com is a site where detailed and specific questions about:

  • Software test management tools (Application Lifecycle Management)
  • Software test automation tools (UFT One, UFT Mobile, UFT Developer)
  • Software load/performance testing tools (LoadRunner Enterprise, LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Cloud)
  • Application Security (Fortify)
  • DevOps automation
  • Network Performance Monitoring (AppDynamics)
  • Value Stream Integration (ConnectALL Integration Solution)

The questions are asked and answered. No question is too trivial.  Unlike threaded discussions, answers bubble to the top of the list based on their relevance as voted by other users of the site.  You can seek answers as an anonymous user. However, there are things you will not be able to do without registering.  Registration is required to ask and answer Questions and for voting.  This site is collaboratively edited. Your questions and answers may be edited by other trusted users.

I would like to personally thank you for making EyeOnTesting your choice for finding answers. Please also inquire through the ad rotator on the site to find out more about what Orasi Software, Inc. does in these areas.  EyeOnTesting.com is just one of numerous projects underway to ensure that Orasi supports its customers and the software testing, DevOps, and AppSec community in the best way possible.

David Rumley
Vice President, Support