ALM client issues for a couple of users post patch upgrade
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After patching our server, we have 2 users who cannot seem to access ALM.

We tried the uninstall tool to do a wipe on bother users machines. One one IE just loads blank and is unresponsive. Not sure if this is an admin issue? IE 8 on Win7 for this user, though they should be on IE9.

Second user was able to get IE to begin the client load, but when it finishes (or looks to), they get an OTA version is not compatible with the ALM server. They are IE9 on Win7.

How to help my users?

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Asked on September 30, 2014 7:01 pm
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On both, despite using the client uninstall tool, I am guessing that the Full Cleanup option was likely not chosen but instead whomever just selected a client in the shown list of installed files.

For your first user, try the uninstall tool again, but choose the Full Cleanup. Try again to run as admin to open IE and attempt reinstall. If issue continues, could just be IE settings need to be reset and the ALM URL added back to trusted sites list. Under tools >internet options and go to the advanced tab and do select the reset. Then attempt the ALM client install again. Or could just upgrade to IE9 and add trusted sites again.

For second user, again probably similar in that they did not do the full cleanup and most likely had the client registration run for the prior working (as in the previous patch) ALM client. Suggest running the client registration or doing the full cleanup and reinstall of client and making sure you remove the existing client registration. Can run the registration later once you have the client working for that user.

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Answered on September 30, 2014 7:03 pm
Nice! Full cleanup and upgrade to IE9 did the trick for user 1. Might have just been the need for IE reset like you said, but we use IE9 now as standard so went that route. Either way, fixed. Second user, just ran the client registration again and now user can login just fine. Thanks!
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