Client Download Occurs even though MSI Generator was used

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  • Client Download Occurs even though MSI Generator was used
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Hello..It is not clear to me from the documentation how the MSI generator works for me…what I assume is I build the MSI file and run it on the client and it installs ALM. Even when I install it to the same folder path as the ALM Desktop Client itself from the url http://rscalmdv01:8080/qcbin/start_a.jsp , it installs files again and I see the download progress bars, etc.
What am I missing…I need to build an MSI file to be pushed down to our users that don’t have Admin rights on their PCs but I assume I need to have it installed to the same location else it wont be recognized and wont work.

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Asked on November 20, 2015 5:50 pm
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Hi...The download should not occur. If you generated the MSI using http://almserver:8080/qcbin and the user tries to access using something like, it will download because it thinks it is not the same server instance. The URL used in the MSI generator must be the exact address of the qcbin on the ALM server that the user will be using to connect to ALM. Also be sure to select the 'Shared Deployment' option when you are generating the MSI file for your users. After accessing the ALM server, the user should bypass the download and go straight to the ALM Start page when they click the ALM Desktop Client link on the qcbin page when the MSI Generator is configured correctly.

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Answered on November 20, 2015 5:52 pm