Test_CanDelete(Enity, IsTest) always returning False for QC 11.52

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  • Test_CanDelete(Enity, IsTest) always returning False for QC 11.52
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Good Afternoon,
I am trying to prevent the team I work with from accidentally deleting test cases from the Test Plan View. The issue is that when I us the Test_CanDelete(Entity, IsTest) IsTest is always False, I don’t know if this is an invalid Entity Value or something else.
The following is my code:

Function Test_CanDelete(Entity, IsTest)
On Error Resume Next
‘ TS_USER_03 = Is Deleted
‘ TS_USER_04 = Deleted By
Test_CanDelete = DefaultRes
enter code hereDim intTest
Dim objTSTF
Dim objTF
Dim objFilter
Dim lstTests
Dim strS
Msgbox IsTest
If (IsTest) Then
‘ First, disallow any "real" deletion
Test_CanDelete = False
‘ Find out if the test is in any test sets.
intTest = Entity.Field("TS_TEST_ID")
Set objTSTF = TDConnection.TSTestFactory
Set objFilter = objTSTF.Filter
objFilter.Filter("TC_TEST_ID") = intTest
Set lstTests = objTSTF.NewList(objFilter.Text)
Msgbox lstTests ‘Debugging Test Count
If lstTests.Count = 0 Then
‘ The test is not in any test sets, and may be "deleted"
‘ Set a flag on the test to mark it as deleted
Entity.Field("TS_NAME") = Entity.Field("TS_NAME") & " " _ & Replace(Replace(Now, "/", "-"), ":", "")
Entity.Field("TS_SUBJECT") = 2 ‘ Move to Subject root folder
‘The test is in at least one test set, and may not be "deleted"
If lstTests.Count = 1 Then
strS = "."
strS = "s."
End If
MsgBox "The selected test is in " & lstTests.Count & " test set" & strS _
& VBCrLf & "You may not delete the test.", vbExclamation, _
"Test Cannot Be Deleted" ‘ vbExclamation = 48
End If
‘ Regardless of the outcome, clear the objects
Set lstTests = Nothing
Set objFilter = Nothing
Set objTSTF = Nothing
‘ This is Not a Test. Thus, it must be a folder. That’s a SubjectNode object
If Entity.Count > 0 Then
Msgbox Entity.Count
MsgBox "This folder contains other folders." & VBCrLf & _
"You may not delete it until it is empty.", vbExclamation, _
"Folder Not Deleted" ‘ vbExclamation = 48
Test_CanDelete = False
‘ It has no folders, but may have tests.
Set objTF = Entity.TestFactory
Set lstTests = objTF.NewList("")
‘msgbox lstTests.Count
If lstTests.Count > 0 Then
If lstTests.Count = 1 Then
strS = "a test."
strS = "tests."
End If
MsgBox "This folder contains " & strS & VBCrLf & _
"You may not delete it until it is empty.", vbExclamation, _
"Folder Not Deleted" ‘ vbExcalamation = 48
Test_CanDelete = False
‘ There are no tests in this folder
Test_CanDelete = True
End If
Set lstTests = Nothing
Set objTF = Nothing
End If
End If
On Error GoTo 0
End Function

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Asked on August 7, 2015 2:54 pm
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Have you considered just adjusting the group permissions to disallow deletions in the test plan module? You can't achieve exactly the same functionality you desire, but you can certainly disallow all deletions of tests and folders like that. You can even disallow moves for the masses and grant deletions and/or moves to the project administrator in another permissions group. It is a much more straight-forward approach, that requires less maintenance and less risk of potential mis-coding of the workflow.

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Answered on August 24, 2015 5:03 pm