Accidentally deleted Lab_Project repository folder, now getting lots of errors
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I was cleaning up some leftover repository folders in our "DEFAULT" domain folder on our server.
I must have accidentally deleted the repository folder for LAB_PROJECT because the SA log is loaded with two errors over and over.

We have QC11.52 Enterprise and cannot see the Lab Management tab in Site Admin (mentioned in other threads here).

How to fix this?

error we get many times in SA log:

Repository of project ‘LAB_PROJECT’ in domain ‘DEFAULT’ doesn’t exist or is not accessible. Please contact your Site Administrator.;

Stack Trace:
com.hp.alm.platform.exception.CInvalidProjectRepositoryException: Repository of project ‘LAB_PROJECT’ in domain ‘DEFAULT’ doesn’t exist or is not accessible. Please contact your Site Administrator.

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Asked on December 10, 2014 4:00 pm
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You should not need to do any RESTORE operation in QC, just make sure the folder exists:
By default it is:

You might also try renaming to :

(( check your repository path to DEFAULT domain ''parent'' folder ))

The REPOSITORY folder for LAB_PROJECT should only have the ''projrep'' folder (and children) and the DBID.xml file.

You can also confirm what it wants by looking in your database back-end / qcsiteadmin_db / PROJECTS table:

Mine wants:

DB: default_lab_project0

Folder: C:ProgramDataHPALMrepositoryqcLAB_PROJECT0

DB Server: localhost:1433 (SQL-server)

You could also confirm the DB_CONSTR_FORMAT value to see what DB server it is looking in (probably same as where you other projects are).

If the DB exists in the PROJECTS table with the name indicated, and the repository folder exists where it is looking for it, after a services cycle, QC should pick it up automatically (no site admin RESTORE required).

If you have ''lost'' the original DB or repository, you can get QC to create a new/blank one by running/re-running the Configuration Wizard to create a NEW qcsiteadmin_db.
BE CAREFUL, it only creates a new one when creating a new qcsiteadmin or upgrading one from an old QC version -- it will NOT create a new one when you indicate Config Wizard to use your EXISTING qcsiteadmin_db.

So it may be better/safer to stand up a separate instance of QC (11.52 in your case) with an ''eval'' license and copy the resulting Lab_Project DB and repository from the new/text server to your working/production server (same process as you did to get projects over during a migration or disaster recovery).
As long as the DB and repository for LAB_PROJECT are for the SAME QC version, AND the names and locations are the SAME as in the PROJECTS table in the qcsiteadmin_db for LAB_PROJECT, QC should pick it up when the service starts.

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Answered on December 10, 2014 4:45 pm

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