Adding same name components and parameters results in only one set of parameters
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Using ALM 11.52, we use component testing with parameters. For one of our apps, there are 2 versions. So there are 2 components with parameters. The values are different based on the version of the application; however the component name and parameter names are the same. They were kept the same so as not to confuse given the same names are in both version of the application.

This has never been issue until now. For a new testing initiative, we have to do a comparison test on both app versions. In one test both components are needed with the parameters. This though presents an issue. While both components can be added, only one set of parameters will show up. Assume this has to be due to same name. We tested one modification of name change on a component, and that allowed for both parameters to show up. However as we use data sheets for population, this would result in a lot of edits. Is this normal and why can both components be added but not both parameters despite same name?

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Asked on September 23, 2016 1:36 pm
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For the components and parameter additions to tests, the subject path is the key ingredient here. ALM uses the path to essentially identify the linkage and name.

The component ''name'' when added for a test is going to be the parent folder and then the component name. Example Folder A/Component 1. A different component in say Folder B would have the ''name'' of Folder B/Component 1. Path is different and name is different. As long as a component is in a different folder, same names on components is not an issue and both can be added to a test.

Parameters though offer a different issue. Parameter names use the component name and then the parameter name for its added ''name'' to the test. Example, say you have again Component 1 from Folder A with parameter named Parm 1. When added to a test, the parameter takes on name of Component 1/Param 1. If you then tried to add Folder B's Component 1 with parameter Param 1, it would have same ''name'' of Component 1/Param 1. ALM sees this as dupe or conflict and it will not then take the Folder B parameter for addition to the test.

As you mentioned above, 2 ways to correct are to either rename the component or to rename the parameter. So Folder B's Component 1 needs to become say Component 1A. Or Component 1 can stay same, but then its parameters must be renamed from Param 1 to say Param 1A. That would fix how ALM names the entity when added to a test.

This is not something limited to ALM 11.52. You will see same in ALM 12.x versions.

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Answered on September 23, 2016 1:39 pm
Thanks for the explanation.
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