After improper shutdown (power loss), alm service starts but the task bar icon won’t start
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Had power outage today, and before ALM server could be shutdown, ups backup power expired so the server shut off cold. After reboot with power the service starts but the task bar icon will spin a while then give error.

I tried rerunning the deploy wizard but it fails. Details mention "qcsiteadmin_db is not accessible". Desperate at this point, I tried running the config wizard for ALM. This saw existing, let me step through till it got to the DB page. Had my SA and password there, but when hit next, get error "login failed for user sa".

Really lost now. The password is right, I typed it in manually and same password lets me connect to SQL server directly. SQL server is up, I can connect. Why won’t ALM then connect to it?

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Asked on February 28, 2017 11:17 pm
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This sounds similar to something I ran into in the past on a bad patch attempt. User had patch issue that broke during attempted install. ALM service would start, but the icon would always error out. Ran deployment wizard and had similar message about the qcsiteadmin_db not being accessible.

In the past case, qcsiteadmin_db went SUSPECT. This is a marking next to the database name in SQL management studio that indicates possible corruption and takes the DB offline essentially.

This was discussed in an answer on EOT found here: [past article][1]

As you mentioned you can log into SQL server, assume you mean SQL Management Studio. Do that again and expand out your Database folder. Find the qcsiteadmin_db in the list and see if at the far right it says SUSPECT. If so, lets try the repair then on the DB as I mentioned in the previous post.

Here is a full example, so try below. Sometimes copy/past works, but if not, advise you manually type in the commands in a New Query window.

EXEC sp_resetstatus qcsiteadmin_db;
DBCC checkdb(qcsiteadmin_db)
DBCC CheckDB (qcsiteadmin_db, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS)

The above uses qcsiteadmin_db as the name as that is what you said your db's name was. If it repairs, the output of the query should tell you that the db now has no issues for the CheckDB.

Can try F5 for refresh of the view or log out and back in for SQL Management Studio. SUSPECT should be gone. If you see SUSPECT on any other databases, modify the query and put in the database name. Before I had seen it for both qcsiteadmin_db and for a couple of individual project databases.


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Answered on February 28, 2017 11:29 pm
Wow, that query worked 100%. Suspect was there and ran query and it removed it. No other database had suspect. After I ran deploy wizard again to see what would happen. It finished and IE opened to the ALM splash page. Service is working! Many, many thanks.
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