ALM unable to locate test case within a test set in Test Lab
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We ran into an issue when trying to run an automated test case out of HP ALM where the status in the automatic runner would display the message "Waiting", and would never start. The only message we could find in the report stated something like "unable to find test case". We confirmed that the affected test case was in the correct location within the test lab module. The test sets for the same project were run successfully about a week ago. We then removed and re-added the test case to the test set, and then it ran successfully. Any idea what could be causing this to occur? Are you aware of anything that would cause this issue? Why would ALM not be able to see the test case?

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Asked on May 12, 2017 7:49 pm
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Since you were able to successfully run these tests about a week ago, that leads me to believe that the test case had somehow become corrupt. Try removing and re-adding the affected test to the test set, then retest to see if the issue still occurs. We have seen in some cases where issues like this occurred where a test, project or user had somehow become corrupt for some unknown reason. In those cases, the issue was resolved by simply removing and re-adding the test, project or user, or making copies of the affected test or project refreshing the connection within ALM. In your case, removing and re-adding the test repaired the broken connection within ALM. I hope this resolves your issues and answers your question.

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Answered on May 12, 2017 7:50 pm
That did the trick! After removing and re-adding the test case to the test set, we were able to successfully run the test. Thanks!
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