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I have the following questions regarding Project Reports in the Analysis View module of HP ALM 12.53. Thanks, Brent

1. In working one’s way from test set to test instance to run to runs steps… is there a way to limit the run steps details to reference only the latest run, similarly to how the Sent by Email tool on the Test Instance Details screen provides only the step details of the latest run?

2. Is there a way to change the document template? There is a tool to download the template from HP ALM, but unlike other report sections, there is no option to select a custom template to upload to HP ALM. Why would one want to download the document template if you couldn’t change and then upload it?

3. When one selects the option to include attachments, is there a way to get the image to utilize the full width of the document page? For example, when output format is Docx, for some reason it seems to want to constrain the image to a width of 5.1 inches even though the available width of the page is wider than that.

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Asked on July 17, 2017 1:45 pm

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