Are there any known issues with LoadRunner 12.50 and McAfee?

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  • Are there any known issues with LoadRunner 12.50 and McAfee?
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Asked on October 27, 2015 2:51 pm
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***McAfee Compatibility Issues***

- When McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) is enabled, a crash may occur while recording a Web-based protocol script, including Java over HTTP, especially if the current user account is a limited account (non-admin).
- If you are running McAfee anti-virus applications, **close them before installing LoadRunner.**
- McAfee's anti-virus application blocks port 443, which is the default port of the LoadRunner agent.
**Workaround:**Manually enable this port. To enable the port, open the McAfee Configuration dialog box. In the Firewall Policy tab, add a new rule to allow Port 443 - Action: Permit IP: TCP, Incoming traffic for the HP LoadRunner Agent Process.
- When McAfee performs and On-Access file scan, it may corrupt LoadRunner files.
**Workaround:****Exclude LoadRunner** files from the scan.
- When recording a .NET script on non-English operating systems with the McAfee anti-virus active, it may issue the following message ''The solution has been changed externally''.
**Workaround:** Add the vugen.exe process to the Low-Risk processes in the McAfee antivirus On-Access Scan Properties.
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