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When I minimize the screen on a remotely connected machine, all my screen shot is blank.

1. Connect to machine via remote desktop connection
2. Run script on the remote VDI
3. Minimize screen

Observation, script ran successfully but all screen shot blank

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Asked on December 9, 2016 7:02 pm
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This issue is normally related to locked or logged off sessions. HPE documents [KM185060]( and [KM00656196]( describe this issue in more detail. Also you might want to experiment with the feature ''Run a GUI Test with a Disconnected Remote Desktop Connection''

UFT User Guide > UFT Running and Debugging Operations > Running Tests and Components > Tasks > How to Run a GUI Test with a Disconnected Remote Desktop Connection.

Title: Can QuickTest Professional (QTP) or Unified Functional Testing (UFT) GUI scripts replay on a locked or logged off machine?
Document ID : [KM185060](

Title : When running script on a locked Windows session, Bitmap Checkpoints shows black images in the Result Viewer
Document ID : [KM00656196](

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Answered on December 9, 2016 7:03 pm

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