Can the agent process running under more than 1 user?

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  • Can the agent process running under more than 1 user?
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I am having a problem with the agent process (magentproc.exe) running with more than 1 user logged on the generator. If the process was already running under another user I have to kill the process through the task manager. Otherwise the tests will fail for file transfer issues. If I try to start it without killing the process I could see where the process started by watching the task manager but it would shortly stop. The task manager process count would increment by 1 for a couple of seconds and then decrement back to the original count. Once I kill the process and start it again the controller is able to transfer the files.
Is this normal operation? If not, any thoughts on why this is happening?

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Asked on July 28, 2010 12:40 pm
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Have you looked into running the agent as a Windows Service versus a Process?


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Answered on July 28, 2010 2:36 pm
No, I have not done that. The client where I am working was wanting me to investigate this. However, it seems to have gone away. Using the same controller/generator it is now working. They were working on the test environment so the thought is maybe that was the issue. Thanks for the answer. If this happens again I will try running as a service. -Mark
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