Cannot connect to ONE of our QC projects
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We have an issue where we cannot connect to one of our projects in QC.
We were working fine with all of our active projects just yesterday.
Now, today, we have one project (databases are in Oracle) that people cannot login to.

We see this error in the SA Log:

Failed to reload the instance of the enabled extensions cache data for default_gemini_db@jdbc:gemini:oracle://qcdb:1533;servicename=QCDB(default_gemini_db) project.; Failed to obtain a connection to schema ‘commercial_mercury_db’ – timeout expired;

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Asked on April 18, 2018 4:19 pm
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Since it is ONE project having this issue, I suspect ORACLE's user-level security.

My guess is that the user for your default_gemini_db schema (user is named the same as the schema), has an ''expired'' password.

In many Oracle instances, when a new user is created (like when you create a project from Site Admin), Oracle uses a ''default'' user profile or various password-related rules on creation such as ''password will expire in 180 days''.

The DBA can help you to reset the password on the Oracle side for user ''default_gemini_db''.

Generally, we allow QC to use the SAME schema-user password for ALL of your QC-related schemas -- so set it to this password. Also, it would be common practice to ensure that the password does NOT expire on a newly created schema-user - OR this will happen again.

Un-expiring and resetting the password should be all that is needed to resume activity, but you might need to do these other things:

1) cycle ALM service

2) check to see if this project was trying to use the same password as other project/schemas -- DBA can see the encrypted password phrases in the PROJECTS table in qcsiteadmin_db schema -- if this one is different, it will be obvious.

3) You might need to change the password MANUALLY (if it is DIFFERENT from the other project schemas for some reason) by doing a REMOVE of the project from Site Admin (take note of it's repository folder first), edit the DBID.xml from the repository folder for the project to reflect NEW password -- use prefix ''TXT:'' followed by password instead of the ''QCC:'' followed by the encrypted password. Alternately, if you KNOW the password to be the SAME as the other project schemas, you can copy the ''QCC:'' string from another working project's DBID file and paste over the one you are changing. Then RESTORE the project again.

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Answered on April 18, 2018 4:58 pm

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