Can’t install 64bit office for use with 64 bit Power BI
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I have 64-bit Power BI installed, but had 32 bit office already. When I tried to access an Excel file from Power BI, I got the attached message. I went ahead and installed the 32-bit Access database engine to match my Office install, but that is not compatible with 64-bit Power BI. It appears that Power BI and the Office install have to match to be able to open Excel documents in Power BI.

So…I went ahead and uninstalled the 32-bit Office version so that I could install 64-bit Office, and the appropriate Access Database engine. Now, when I go to install Office, it will not let me install the 64-bit version, only the 32-bit version.

I even installed the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, but it says that there are no Office products installed, so it appears that the 32-bit Office is completely gone, and the 64-bit version should be clear to install.

Any suggestions?


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Asked on February 20, 2020 3:46 pm
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The 64-bit version of MS Office will not install if the installer detects anything related to the 32-bit install on your machine. For example, if you still have the 32-bit Access Database Engine installed, the 64-bit version will not be permitted to install. The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant might not catch these residual installs, therefore they have to be uninstalled manually from uninstall apps menu (Apps & Features on Windows 10).

If the install still does not work, go back and look for anything that might be interfering.

If you have SSMS installed, verify that you still have access to your db's. If you have issues, you might need to reinstall SQL Server.

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Answered on February 20, 2020 3:58 pm

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