Changing date format in UFT

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I have Date field that is a WebEdit object Object Property Value is formatted as 2021-01-29 (YYYY-MM_DD). How would I change format to 01/31/2020?

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Asked on January 29, 2021 5:56 pm
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You could use the .GetROProperty method on the WebEdit to get the current value and then use VBScript code to change the format. For example:

myDate = CDate("2020/02/01")
newDate = FormatDateTime(myDate)
MsgBox newDate

Here's info on GetROProperty.

Here's info on VBScript Date formatting.

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Answered on January 29, 2021 6:00 pm
That worked really well, thanks for the example
( at January 29, 2021 6:01 pm)