Conflicts when running QC10 AND QC11(or11.52) IE Clients?
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I have a quick question about running QC10 client and QC 11.52 client at the same time, if you happen to know the answer off the cuff. After installing QC 11.52, I used the add-in for HP ALM Client Registration. But now I am having problems bringing up QC 10 Client as well as site admin. The registration seems to have caused some kind of conflict. Whenever I try to launch QC 10 client or site admin I am getting the following errors:

Following client components were not downloaded successfully:

1 . WebClient.dll :
(Error 32) The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
Failed to open file for writing

2 . WebClient.dll :
Cannot load type library

3 . WebClient.dll :
Cannot register type library

Close all connections to Server and try again.

Do you know of any easy solution? Or, do I have to uninstall both QC 10 and QC 11.52 client?

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Asked on August 1, 2013 10:23 pm
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Note also that you can run multiple instances of the ALM Client but only one instance of an earlier version's client simultaneously, and these should each be in a separate IE window.

Also, you can run only one instance of Site Admin at a time. You can't have the v11.x and the v10 Site Admin interfaces open at the same time.

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Answered on August 1, 2013 11:07 pm
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There is conflict when 11 (or 11.52) registration is run.
QC10 and 11/11.52 have some shared files relating to integrations. This integration ''kernel'' is included with QC10, but needs to be loaded by ''registration'' starting with QC/ALM11 and later.
QC11 clients need to be registered whenever you want to use the various integrations like QTP, Excel, Word, synchronizer, etc.

If you just use the client(s) as the base load (don't run ALM Client registration), they can co-exist.

To fix the issue:

You must close All IE clients and allow it to load what it wants (again).

Last resort is to use the ALM11/QC11/QC10 Uninstaller to remove the ''offending'' clients and start over.
(this URL requires an HP ''passport'' account).

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Answered on August 1, 2013 10:28 pm

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