DB team wants to disable the ”SA” SQL-Server user per Audit compliance – any impact on QC?
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Our Quality Center server uses SQL-Server with SQL-authentication.

The SQL-Server DB team is requesting the disabling of the "SA" login. I am not using this, but I wanted to make sure that QC does not use this for any purpose either. I don’t believe it does, but better to be safe than sorry – let me know if QC requires this user.

From DBA:

*As per audit and security reason we are in process to disable "SA" login on all SQL server databases . We are looking for your approval as application owner prior to perform this activity. In case you are using "SA" login for connection, let us know will create another login with similar privileges.*

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Asked on July 8, 2015 6:29 pm
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Please look on the DB SERVERS tab and select (if more than one) your currently used DB Server used for your projects.

This will have the ''DB Administrative'' user (Sometimes ''SA'' or ''sa'', OR a named user like ''qc_admin'') listed and links to specify a different DB user and password.

Generally, in day-to-day use, this ''DB administrative'' user is not used (the ''td'' user is used all the time).

The instances where the DB Administrative user IS used is when you:

1) Create a NEW QC project (this creates a new DB in the backend)

2) DELETE a QC Project (this also deletes the project's DB)

3) REPAIR or UPGRADE maintenance activities for a project.

Most companies' DBA's will have QC use a DB user other than the explicit SQL-Server ''SA'' user and will create a specific QC Administrative user (i.e. ''qc_admin'') with rights as per the QC Install guide's SQL-Server section. This user could be active at all times, OR, some companies disable it most of the time, and require a ''work order'' to activate it temporarily during QC project activities as mentioned above (a day or a few hours at a time).

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Answered on July 8, 2015 6:33 pm

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