Disconnect from RDP for LeanFT

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In UFT we can disconnect from our RDP session and our tests will still run by setting up the option to allow this. Is there something similar in LeanFT?

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Asked on December 21, 2015 5:58 pm
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Yes, you need to change a setting. Start LeanFT Runtime on the machine. Right-click on the LeanFT Runtime Engine icon by the clock and choose Settings. This will open the LFTRuntime.exe.config file.

Near the bottom of this file is a setting where you can set the username and password of the user so that non-web tests can still run in a disconnected RDP session:

As you can see, you can use the PasswordEncryption.exe to encrypt the password.

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Answered on December 21, 2015 5:59 pm
That's great, thanks!
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