Do we have a new uninstaller that uses .Net 4.0?
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I am finding users with Win 10, need extra support as our standard install does not include the legacy .Net 3.5 stuff. The uninstaller I have (KM1400068) is requiring .net 3.5 [From 2013]

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Asked on August 1, 2017 1:39 am
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There is a newer version of the uninstaller which is now called ALM Client Cleanup Add-in. I am attaching it to the case but also wanted to provide you with the link to the site that it could be downloaded from.

About ALM Client Cleanup

When you run ALM on your client computer, client components are downloaded to your client machine. You can use the client cleanup add-in to remove all ALM client components, including files and registry keys.

If the client machine is used to access ALM after the cleanup add-in has been run, all necessary components are downloaded again from the ALM server.

The ALM Client Cleanup add-in cleans up client components from the following ALM versions:
Quality Center 10.00
ALM 11.00 (all editions)
ALM 12.00 and later
ALM 12.20 and later
ALM 12.50 and later

Installation and Usage Instructions
Click Download.

Run the saved exe file as an administrator.Note: You can also run the file from the command prompt with switches /detect, /version=, and /cleanup.

/detect The ALM Client Cleanup add-in runs in ''Detect only'' mode. Lists the installations and versions detected on the machine.

/version: [number] The add-in cleans up a specific version. [number] is the version to clean up. Example: /version:10

/cleanup The add-in cleans up all versions and all associated add-ins and extensions.

Click the question mark symbol in the upper right for usage instructions.

If you need additional add-ins the following site should the latest versions available.

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Answered on August 1, 2017 1:41 am
Thanks I was unaware that there was a marketplace site. Thanks for the information
( at August 1, 2017 1:42 am)

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