Does LeanFT have an Insight capability like UFT does?

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  • Does LeanFT have an Insight capability like UFT does?
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UFT does not recognize some of our application’s objects. We had to use Insight recording for some of them. Can LeanFT do this as well?

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Asked on September 17, 2015 7:21 pm
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Yes, you can create an InsightObject and use it. Here's an example using's ''Google Search'' button.

First you have to create your image file. For image objects on a web page, you usually can just right-click it and save the image. For other objects you'll have to capture it somehow and save as a JPEG, BMP or PNG file. I just used Jing to capture the Google Search button and saved it to my project folder.
![alt text][1]

Now, create the InsightObject in the code of your test. At the top of the test, include:

using System.Drawing;
using HP.LFT.SDK.Insight;

You may also have to right-click the References in the Solution Explorer and include the System.Drawing Assembly.

public void TestInitialize()
//Create a browser object of type FireFox

IBrowser browser = BrowserFactory.Launch(BrowserType.Firefox);


var searchField = browser.Describe(new EditFieldDescription
Type = @''text'',
TagName = @''INPUT'',
Name = @''q''

string bitmapFolder = ''{image location}\googleSearch.png'';

Image image = Image.FromFile(bitmapFolder);
var searchButton = browser.Describe(new InsightDescription(image));


There is a Similarity property you can use to determine the % tolerance. Change the code line above to include the percentage you want to use:

var searchButton = browser.Describe(new InsightDescription(image, 75));

This will change the similarity tolerance from the default of 80% to 75%.

[1]: /storage/temp/352-googlesearch.png

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Answered on September 17, 2015 7:24 pm
That's great, going to help us a lot with LeanFT!
( at September 17, 2015 7:25 pm)