does the LoadRunner 9.1 cannot handle the Javascript properly? And that this could be the reason for the slow response times?
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vugen: 11.04
Controller : 9.1
Protocol : web click and script (GUI based script)
Application doveloped on javascript and Jquery

we recorded few scripts one appliaction (Javascript and Jquery based application) six months back those are working fine vugen and contorller

Throughput: 5,696,380,731
Average hits/second: 107,111

Devlopment team changed now UI for application by using the new jquery JavaScript library (making heavy use of this new jquery version in new release). now for all scripts i modified the code for few transactions. now scripts are working fine.

but issue is Throughput, hits and passed transactions are much less and the transactions response times are much slower.

throughput: 3,075,974,896
Average hits per second :26.974

Note we manual checks during the last load test and the application was responding fast (around 1 sec response time). The load test shows at the same time response times of up to 49 seconds.

Additionally we did a load test with only one vuser and one transaction per scripts and measured the response times. These were then compared by manual measurement done by the dev team (see attached). Again LoadRunner was showing much higher response times which should not be the case.

could you please help on this issue.

Thanks in advace,

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Asked on February 11, 2015 8:37 am
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Yes , LR9.x and LR 11.x don't handle client side JavaScript and JQuery calls.

your best change of success with JQuery basic application is with LoadRunner 12.02

BTW LR 9.x and LR 110x or not longer support by HP

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Answered on April 29, 2015 8:37 pm

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