Error Message after clicking on Audit Log details present in History tab of a Requirement

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  • Error Message after clicking on Audit Log details present in History tab of a Requirement
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Hi All,

**Issue Description**

Currently we are in the process of migrating and upgrading QC10 Patch 7 projects to QC 11.52 Patch5.

After the upgrade of QC10 project to QC11.52 Patch5 ; we noticed that while we attempt to click on Audit Log details present in History tab of a Requirement, we are receiving the below error message.

**"Failed to create new history entity . The field name "RQ_TEXT_SYNC" is incorrect."**

Below is the screenshot of the error message.

![alt text][1]

From Initial investigation it is found that whichever requirements has the "RQ_TEXT_SYNC" field in its backend AUDIT LOG is experiencing this issue.


select * from project_database_db.audit_log,project_database_db.audit_properties
where project_database_db.audit_properties.AP_FIELD_NAME =’RQ_TEXT_SYNC’ and
ap_action_id =au_action_id


1. Noticed that RQ_TEXT_SYNC column has data value either "NULL" or "Y".
I want to understand in which scenario NULL will be populated in RQ_TEXT_SYNC field for a REQ , and in which case "Y" will be populated in RQ_TEXT_SYNC field?

2. Did any one face this issue before?Is this a known issue?

3.What is the purpose of RQ_TEXT_SYNC field ? From the database reference file I got to know that it is for internal use and data shouldn't be changed for this field.

4.Steps for replication of this issue over a newly created requirement and Details for fixing this issue?

5.One of the workaround we received from Vendor is below:
Run below query to get a count from AUDIT_PROPERTIES table:


The following SQL will remove all audit records pertaining to RQ_TEXT_SYNC field and that should resolve the reported error:


How safe is to perform the above deletion operation? Will there be any impact because of conducting this deletion operation from the AUDIT_PROPERTIES table?
Please provide your valuable thoughts on this issue , I will try them out on my end.


[1]: /storage/temp/328-original.png

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Hi Captain Mercury, Can you please validate my analysis peformed for this issue, please let me know in case if I need to consider any alternatives. Regards, Srihari
( at August 21, 2015 5:23 pm)