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Receive error when closing QTP – click on X to close app and receive error re: unauthorized access exception. Details of the error:

Exception of type: System.UnauthorizedAccessException. Source: mscorlib. Occured in Void WinIOError(Int32, System.String) method
Exception message is: Access to the path ‘C:\\Users\\regressionuser\\AppData\\Local\\HP\\UFT\\layouts\\Default.xml’ is denied.
Exception trace is: at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost)
at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access)
at AvalonDock.DockingManager.SaveLayout(String filename)
at ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Gui.AvalonDockLayout.StoreConfiguration()

SharpDevelop Version :
.NET Version : 4.0.30319.34209
OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
Current culture : English (United States) (en-US)
Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: x86-64
Working Set Memory : 243776kb
GC Heap Memory : 15868kb

—- Post-error application state information:
Installed 3rd party AddIns: [HP UFT File Dialog for UFT Only}], [HP QTP ActiveScreen Pane], [HP QTP DataTable Addin], [HP QTP UTT Based Debugger], [HP QTP FileDialog Addin], [HP QTP Property Tabs], [HP ST ALM Storage], [HP ST Basic Extensibility], [HP ST Designer UI Extensibility], [HP ST SOA Replay API Extensibility], [HP ST Async], [HP ST Checkpoints], [HP ST Data Providers], [HP ST Basic Activities], [HP ST BPT Integration], [HP ST C Sharp Translation Layer], [HP ST Database Activities], [HP ST .NET Import Technologies], [HP ST Framework Upgraders], [HP ST FTP Activities], [HP ST Debugger Addin], [HP ST HTTP Activities], [HP ST HTTP Receiver Activities], [HP ST Run Step Pad], [HP ST Java Call], [HP ST JMS Technology], [HP ST LoadRunner Integration], [HP ST MQ Activities], [HP ST Basic Property Sheet Tabs], [HP ST REST Technology], [HP ST REST V2 Technology], [HP ST UFT File Dialog for STM], [HP ST Service Test Runner], [HP ST Basic Framework], [HP ST Toolbox Default Presenter], [HP ST Toolbox UI Extensibility], [HP ST Transform JSON], [HP ST Transform XML], [HP ST QTP Test Runner], [HP ST XML Validation], [HP ST VTD Extensibility], [HP ST Run Vugen], [HP ST Wait Activity], [HP ST Web Analyzer], [HP ST Standard Import Technologies], [HP ST Shell Services], [HP SV ALM Integrations], [HP UFT Data Explorer], [UTT Configuration UI], [Debug Pad Wrapper Extension addin for UTT], [UTT Debug Basic implementation addin for UTT], [UTT File Dialog], [HP UFT File System Dialog Addin], [HP UFT ALM File Dialog Addin], [UTT Connection Addin], [HPUttIdeCommands], [UttBookmarkPad], [UttErrorListPad], [UttOutputPad], [UttTaskListPad]

—- Recent SharpDevelop log messages:

—- Recent Utt log messages:

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Asked on April 28, 2015 3:20 pm
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The error states:

''Access to the path 'C:UsersregressionuserAppDataLocalHPUFTlayoutsDefault.xml' is denied.''

The problem is with your Windows Profile user permissions for ''regressionuser.'' You will need to ask your IT/desktop team to make sure the user profile has the permissions as outlined in Chapter 1 of the install guide (''Permissions Required When Working with ALM'') and isn't corrupted (if the profile is corrupted, they may need to rebuild it).

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Answered on April 28, 2015 3:21 pm
Thanks, I had our IT guy redeploy the affected user, and it works great now!
( at April 28, 2015 3:22 pm)