Error using Sprinter Power Mode
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Getting ‘Power Mode Execution Error’ when trying to use steps capture. I am using Sprinter 11.5 and ALM 11.

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Asked on January 12, 2015 9:51 pm
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If you can upgrade to Spriter 12.01 (provided your ALM 11.0 is on patch 16 or higher) I would do so.
Suggest taking a look at the Sprinter logs (can be founder here: %appdata%HPSprinter) and trying to find the Power Mode error. It could help pinpoint the exact issue.

If you have access to the HP support site, suggest researching HP KM article KM01083400.

This article lists a few possible causes:

* Installation of product was not performed by an user with administrator rigths.

* Sprinter is installed on a inappropriate location, for example directly on C:, meaning Sprinter.exe was launched from C:binSprinter.exe

* Some Sprinter DLL files were not properly registered because Windows 32bits machine inexplicably has redundant file system entryC:WindowsSysWOW64, only existing on 64bits Windows

* Sprinter and Application Lifecycle Management may be sharing conflictive network ports

Possible fixes:

Ensure user installing product, has full administrator rights

Note: If Microsoft User Account Control (UAC) cannot be disabled, while still using a full admin rights user, try launching product installation's executable using ''Run as administrator''

* Suggested Installation location. Use default path:
o Windows 32bits / x86: C:Program filesHPSprinter
o Windows 64bits / x64: C:Program files (x86)HPSprinter

* Remove invalid entry C:WindowsSysWow64 from the Windows 32bits, remove Sprinter entirely, reinstall again

* Upgrade to Sprinter 12.01, which uses port 8085 where ALM default is 8080 and and conflict should not present itself. If mentioned is suitable, then change communication ports on ALM or Sprinter.

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Answered on January 14, 2015 4:03 pm

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