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Our office likes to generate test case reports in the evening at end of works hours. We have a few projects with several thousand tests within the plan. Often at end of day, I have noticed I get a lot of timeouts on the report queries I am running. I do notice less issue when I am able to run a report in the morning. Upon some research, I have found that a lot of automated test sets are kicked off end of day to run over night.

As though we want the reports to reflect the day's work, switching to morning reports isn’t as ideal of a workaround. I figure I could adjust the timeout time, but unsure of where to make that change.

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Asked on April 8, 2013 8:23 pm
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Hello again,

The field you are looking for is the Report_Query_Timeout parameter. You can find this by logging into siteadmin for your QC server and then clicking on the Site Configuration.

Towards the bottom is the Report_Query_Timeout and its default value, which is 60 seconds. This parameter is defined as follows: The maximum length of time in seconds that
ALM Platform waits for an SQL query for an Excel
report to be executed. If the query takes longer than
this time to be executed, the query is cancelled.

You might want to increase the time some and seeing what happens with your reports during your busy times.

Are you on patch 10 or higher? I can't recall for sure, but there was a QCCR in there, QCCR1J25491, which dealt with table locking issues concerning excel report generation. Check out a read me for a ALM patch 10 or higher to get details, but basically they changed the reports to READ_UNCOMMITTED to prevent locking. I bring this up as if you increase the timeout time, you don't want any locks to get engaged if anyone else might be working.

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Answered on April 8, 2013 8:25 pm