Extra SaveAs Window is diaplayed in Citrix
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When running a script, saving as new document or saving as new version,
Expected Result:

Saving new Document:
New document is created with version 1

Saving new Version:
It will close the old version and version should increment.

Actual Status:
Extra Save As window is displayed
New document created has 0byted

My Test Case Steps:

Launch Word Document
Open a file from Imanage
Document is opened, Click File and SaveAs
Select New Document

Expected: Document will save a new document with version 1
Actual: There is popup window displayed and saving locally

windows 2016
citrix 7.15 CU4

I’m saving a file to Imanage.

This is happening on Citrix only (VM and Physical machine are working)

I have one Word Document opened at a time.”

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Asked on October 30, 2020 9:38 pm
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I want to see if this could be related to using IManage with Citrix. There is a registry change I would like to try to see if this my be causing the strange behavior. If you are able, let's try a test with the setting disabled (you can then see if it makes any difference and then change it back if needed to the original setting). I found this workaround on the Imanange website:

The ValidateCheckoutLocation registry setting was added to fix NT-71246: If users are connected to a Citrix farm, they cannot check in a document from a Citrix machine.

This issue occurs because during check in, the document's checkout location is validated against the current machine name of the logged on user. To bypass this check, add the following registry setting and set it to 0 (disabled):


For all users:


For each logged on user:

If the registry setting is not found at either location, the default value (1) is enabled.


Name: ValidateCheckoutLocation


0: Disabled"

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Answered on October 30, 2020 9:39 pm

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