Getting a BHOManager error in UFT 11.53

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I’m getting the error "The UFT Browser Helper Object is required for this step. Make sure BHOManager Class add-on is enabled in the IE." When I check it in IE, it is enabled.

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Asked on October 10, 2014 6:09 pm
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I've had some luck with un-registering and re-registering the BHOManager.dll. Sometimes I've even seen where the BHOManager version for IE is for a different version than the UFT version installed and the following steps seem to fix it.

Enable BHOManager add on alone and disable any other add ons you might have.

Please check if the iexplorer.exe is 32 or 64 bit based, for it you can open the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), select the application name right click to go to process and if there is a *32 next to the iexplorer.exe then the application is 32 bit based, otherwise it is 64 bit.

Depending on the version, please use the following command thru the CMD.exe to re-register the BHOmanager.dll (you may need to run CMD.exe with admin privileges) & please close all browsers:

**For the 32 bit:**

regsvr32 -u ''C:WindowsSystem32BHOManager.dll''

regsvr32 ''C:WindowsSystem32BHOManager.dll''

**For the 64 bit:**

regsvr32 -u ''C:WindowsSysWOW64BHOManager.dll''

regsvr32 ''C:WindowsSysWOW64BHOManager.dll''

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Answered on October 10, 2014 6:12 pm