Getting an error when creating a project: ”Actual upgrade failed”, but we are not upgrading

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  • Getting an error when creating a project: ''Actual upgrade failed'', but we are not upgrading
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We are getting this error when attempting to create a NEW project in ALM11.

What is going on?

Failed to Create Project;
Failed to create HP ALM project;
Failed to create project ‘MyNewProject’; Failed to create new project ‘MyNewProject’; Maintenance task EnableExtensionsTask failed;
ALM-E10011: Actual upgrade failed;
Error in writing to table CYCLE;
Failed to set params in the parametrized query; [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Invalid parameter binding(s).;

Stack Trace:
java.sql.SQLException: [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Invalid parameter binding(s).
at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.dda4.b(Unknown Source) at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.dda4.a(Unknown Source) at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.dda3.b(Unknown Source) at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.dda3.a(Unknown Source) at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.ddb8.a(Unknown Source) at com.mercury.jdbc.sqlserverbase.ddb9.setString(Unknown Source) at com.mercury.optane.core.db.CTdPreparedStatement.setString(
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.CTdPreparedStatement.privateSetParam(
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.CTdPreparedStatement.setParams(
wrapped in com.mercury.optane.core.CTdException: Failed to set params in the parametrized query at com.mercury.optane.core.db.CTdPreparedStatement.setParams(
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CDBWriter.writeData(
wrapped in com.mercury.optane.core.CTdException: Error in writing to table CYCLE at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CDBWriter.writeData(
at com.mercury.optane.core.db.convertor.CDBConvertor.copyTableData(

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Asked on December 10, 2012 9:32 pm
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I have the same issue.

You can get more details (or different ones anyway) if you turn on Debug in the server tab

Site Admin > Servers > logging mode for System Admin = debug ... and not the log location.

Try the creation again

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Answered on February 7, 2017 12:15 pm