Getting error Field ‘Test Name’ cannot contain the following characters: \/:%’*?<>|” with Excel Add-in
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When exporting a 200 row spreadsheet from Excel into QC, I receive an error:

error "Row 102, Column: B – Field ‘Test Name’ cannot contain the following characters: \\/:%’*?<>|"

I also get the error for many other rows

It appears to be for random rows and always for the "Test Name" column.

Some rows import, some don’t – though I do not see any of these "bad" characters int eh name text in Excel.

Any Ideas?

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Asked on August 28, 2014 3:39 pm
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Have you looked carefully at the text used for the Test Name in these cells in Excel?
You may have two leading single-quotes ' characters in the beginning of the name -- this is a no-no. It is really hard to spot.

A single quote is a ''quoted'' string in Excel indicating you want to use the cell to hold a label or something. Perhaps either someone accidentally ''quoted'' it again, or it got copied verbatim from another cell and got quoted again somehow.

You can see them show up in the formula/address line when highlighting the cell from column B for each offending row.

Just take them out and try again.

If you are on QC11, when you upgrade to 11.52 or later (hopefully real soon), they are doing a better job of trapping these ''illegal'' characters as they get written to QC on import or cut/paste.

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Answered on August 28, 2014 3:42 pm
That was it! I can't believe I missed that. you were right, I looked at those rows for hours. The 2 single quotes together look like a double quote and I must have overlooked it. When I took the extra single quotes out, it worked like a champ! Thanks again.
( at August 28, 2014 3:44 pm)

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