Getting ”Failed” to Create Project” creating new project after specifying new repository path with Configuration Wizard
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We successfully ran the configuration wizard to change the repository path (to a network share). I also updated the Base Repository Path (site parameter in Site Admin)).

Currently I am unable to create a project. When I try I get an error message "Failed" to Create Project".

I am currently having the server team verify the account that is running the HP ALM service has full access to the network Share location, but I had no issues while running the Configuration Wizard and it was able to create the new folders for the new repository.

Please let me know if I missed something. Thanks!

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Asked on January 23, 2017 3:55 pm
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Since you recently specified a NEW repository location, it is likely that you have some DOMAINS other than the one called ''Default'' that have not been created or copied in yet.

If (in site admin) you go to a DOMAIN (the one you were trying to specify when creating the project), it shows a PATH in the tab on the right.

Does that path exist yet in your NEW repository location?

If not and it was an ''old'' domain that you want to keep using, you need to (re)create those paths manually - they should match the folder name that was based on the domain name (for example ''myDomain_7'') as seen in the domain path in Site Admin.

Then, to complete the ''move'' of a project's repository, you need to ''remove'' the project,
copy the project's (individual repository folder) so it ends up below (child of) the proper ''parent'' domain folder. Then edit the DBID.xml file from it's NEW repository location and change the ''project directory'' to the new location and ''restore the project back into the appropriate domain (rt-click on the domain before indicating restore).
Do this for ALL projects that are moving to the new repository -- remember: the DBID.XML file gets updated/written as you do a ''remove''. Editing them before doing remove is pointless as they will get overwritten.
Also, the project domain should be copied/moved when the project is de-activated or removed.

The ''Default'' domain is always there, though, and is a good simple test domain for creating a new project to test the new repository location.

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Answered on January 23, 2017 4:22 pm
Thanks! Once I created that Domain folder manually in the QC folder I was able to create a new project!
( at January 23, 2017 4:42 pm)

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