Getting Heap errors for attachments
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We just moved from ALM 11.0 to 12.55 (new server) a few weeks ago. We have been syncing defects with JIRA for a month.

I noticed I have two defects that are complaining about "Failed to add attachment: BIGMovie.MOV. Error (AR 0000) heap space.

We moved from a physical server with 24GB of RAM to a VM server with 16GB. (Allotted by VMWare admin team). The attachment is 251MB large. Since this is a new server, not sure if there is a default HEAP setting that needs to be updated for the heap space.

I vaguely remember changing the HEAP setting on the old server. Can you help us to increase the HEAP setting on the new server?

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Asked on September 14, 2018 5:40 pm
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change Heap size (QC11.5x - 12.xx):

1 ) Verify that all users have logged out of ALM projects, and stop the ALM Service

2 ) In the ALM deployment path, open the wrapper.conf file found in 'Wrapper' folder .

Default deployment path:

Win 2008 : C:ProgramDataHPALM

Unix : /var/opt/HP/ALM/

3 ) Change the value as necessary.

> '# Initial Java Heap Size (in KB)
> '# Maximum Java Heap Size (in KB)

((This sets to 4GB, which is the default for QC11.52))

**--- RULE of THUMB is to set to 1/2 of total RAM or up to 80% of Total RAM. --**

4 ) Restart the ALM Service

**NOTE : The maximum heap value cannot exceed your maximum memory (RAM) size**

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Answered on September 14, 2018 5:48 pm

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