Getting ”Project Corrupt” message at end of UPGRADE from Qc11 to 12.21, but it PASSED VERIFY and REPAIR

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  • Getting ''Project Corrupt'' message at end of UPGRADE from Qc11 to 12.21, but it PASSED VERIFY and REPAIR
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We are trying to upgrade a QC11 project to QC12.21 (OK as far as the Install Guide says).

We Restored the project, ran VERIFY and it says REPAIR will fix the problems, then we ran REPAIR and it says "successful". Then, we ran REPAIR. It looks like it makes some changes and runs it’s own verify, then makes more changes. it gets tot he end and says the project is "corrupt" — YIKES!!!

How did it get corrupt between our manual run of VERIFY/REPAIR and when the UPGRADE ran VERIFY?

It seems this would be a QC UPGRADE task issue not recognizing it’s own work-in-progress, what can be done?

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Asked on September 10, 2015 8:18 pm
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Go Broncos,

Look at the UPGRADE.txt log file in the saDomsInfomaintenanceDataout ...< < domain > > < < project > > folder referenced in the UPGRADE dialog at the end of the log window text.

Scroll through the log to see what task/step it was on BEFORE the failing ''verify'' it runs.
If it got through step 27

((Step 27/27): Upgrade project version value ...)

the project is actually upgraded.

Sometimes the final ''internal'' verify (that was launched by UPGRADE) fails for various reasons, but since the project is really at 12.21 now, you can just do a regular VERIFY/UPGRADE (from the Maintain menu).

For good measure here is what to be done in this situation:

1) REMOVE the project

2) RESTORE the same project from DBID.xml



Now it should work as normal.

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Answered on September 10, 2015 8:32 pm