How can I change the percentile metrics for Java in AppDynamics?

How can I change the percentile metrics for Java in AppDynamics?
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I am looking to change the percentile setting in AppDynamics for a Java application from the not only the default for all metrics but also to be able to change it for individual transactions. How would I accomplish this?

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Asked on July 20, 2015 7:51 pm
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To configure percentile metrics for Java:

o On the Controller home page choose the application you would like to configure
o On the left navigation pane click ''Configure''
o Then go to ''Slow Transaction Thresholds''.
§ You can configure percentile metrics for user transaction and background tasks thresholds for an entire application or for a single transactions.
o By default percentile metrics are enabled and display the 95th percentile for the entire application.
o Click ''Enable Percentile Metrics''.
§ Enter the desired percentiles for analysis
o To apply the existing percentile metrics settings to all existing transactions click on the ''Apply to all Existing Business Transactions'' box or the setting will apply to only newly discovered transactions.

To set percentile metrics on a specific transaction and not the entire application click on the ''Individual Transactions Thresholds'' tab.

o In the drop down you will see the list of business transactions.
o Click the transaction you would like to configure
o Enter the percentiles to collect
o Then click ''Save Percentile Metric Configuration''

The Controller updates its configuration once a minute. Sometimes it takes up to a minute for newly configured metrics to appear.

From the left navigation pane click ''Analyze''-> ''Metric browser''-> ''Business Transaction Performance''-> ''Business Transactions'' -> click the server you wish to see the business transactions monitored on that server.

Click the business transaction that had the new metrics added. You can see the percentile metrics in the left pane. Drag and drop the metrics onto the graph to see the metrics themselves. You can drop several into the same graph to compare metrics

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Answered on July 20, 2015 7:55 pm

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