How do I correct a Failed to undo checkout?
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I have a test case that I can not perform the undo check out on. When looking at the test case, it says it is locked by a user. The user cannot undo checkout or checkin, as they receive an error. When I try to undo check out, I get the same error – failed to undo checkout. What can I do about this test case?

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Asked on January 6, 2017 6:26 pm
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I would like for you to run the ALM Version Control Alignment Utility to resolve this issue. Before running the tool, make sure to backup the affected project (make a copy of the project repository), as well as make sure all users have checked in their tests. Next, you will need to run the ALM Client Cleanup utility, reconnect to the ALM server to reinstall the ALM Client platform, then re-register the client. After you have re-installed the ALM client platform and completed the client registration, you will then run the ALM Version Control Alignment Utility. Click the following link that leads to the KM article where you can download the ALM VC Alignment utility.

[ALM Version Control Alignment Utility Download][1]

Once you have downloaded the file, unzip and open the ALM_VC_Alignment_R2 folder, double-click on the 'ALM_Align_VC.exe' file, and click the 'Run' button. The steps below will walk you through setting up the ALM Align VC Utility.

* Enter your QC/ALM server url ending in ''qcbin'' into the 'QC server URL' field.
* Enter your Login Name into the 'Login Name' field. This is the ALM user ID which is a member of the TDAdmin group for the project(s) you'll be affecting.
* Enter your ALM Password into the 'Password' field.
* Click the 'Authenticate' button.
* Select the Domain and Project from the 'Domain' and 'Project' drop down fields, and click 'Login'.
In the 'Scope' section, the following options are available:

* Affect Project Logged in - The VC utility will only affect the currently logged in project as specified in the Domain and Project selected at login. The user specified must be a member of the TDAdmin group for this project.

* Affect ALL Projects - All active projects for which the ALM user specified is a member will be affected. This user must be a member of the TDAdmin group for all projects.

* Select the module(s) where the VC alignment is to take place.
Example - If the VC issue only exists in the Requirements module, simply select the checkbox in the 'Req VC' section. In your case, you will need to select the checkbox in the 'Test VC' section. The more module items you selected the longer the corrective VC actions will take.

* In the sections Req VC, Test VC, Resource VC and Component VC, you will be given the option to select '(VC Status not Considered)' or '(VC Status checked-out)'. By default, the '(VC Status checked-out)' is selected.

* When 'VC Status checked-out' only entities which are checked out will be affected by the utility.

* If an issue exists where an entity is checked in, perhaps where an error is encountered at check-out, select the option '(VC Status not considered)'. This will align the VC data for the entity selected (Req, Test, Component, etc.) regardless of its VC status. This option will take more time.

* If a specific entity has VC issues or needs to be checked in, then specify that radio button and populate the text box with the ID of the entity. This must be the ID of the entity in question as an integer.

* Note: Because of the highly recursive nature of the VC structure for Tests selecting the '(VC Status not Considered)' for the Test entity may take a very long time.

* After you have made the appropriate selections, click the 'Execute' button to affect the changes.

* Monitor the status message bar at the bottom of the utility for progress

A log of any errors encountered will be created in the same directory as the ''ALM_Align_VC.exe''. It will have a file name such as: Domain DEFAULT- Project VCDemo - 2016_4_26_13_40_10_219 VC_Align.log The name format is the ALM Domain, Project, year_month_day_hour_min_sec_ms that the file was created.

After the utility has

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Answered on January 6, 2017 8:13 pm

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