How do I create a custom dashboard that only shows what I want it to?
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I am looking to get a dashboard that I can use for monitoring only the things I need to. How do I make that happen?

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Asked on July 23, 2015 7:14 pm
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Go to the top left hand part of the screen and click the icon next to the AppDynamics Name. Then choose ''Custom Dashboards''

From here you can select ''Create Dashboard''

A window pops up where you can name the dashboard. Settings here are, Canvas layout, Background Color, and Auto-refresh interval.
You can then start adding custom content to the dashboard by clicking the ''+'' sign at the top of the page. This produces a drop down list. To add a graph you click on ''Graph''

You can show the calls per minute for the last half hour, for example, along with the baseline data for the metric.

Clicking on the graph window will activate the ''Graph Properties'' menu for that graph. Under ''Data Series'' Select the ''+'' icon. Here you can choose what application, metric category, and specific metric for the graph.

To select a metric click on the ''Select a Metric'' button. Here you can choose your metric like ''Calls per minute''.

To add a baseline click ''Advanced''. Then check ''Include Baseline Data''. You can leave at the default baseline or choose your own. Click save. You can then see the metrics in the graph.

On the right side of the page go to the ''Graph Properties''. Click on ''Graph''
Here you can give the graph a title and set its vertical and horizontal axis, as well as, background colors or hide axis values.

Click on ''Legend'' to enable or disable the legend in the graph. Click on the ''Time Range'' section to use dashboard time range or widget specific time range

To add a pie chart go back to the ''+'' icon and click ''Pie''. Just like the graph icon you can click in its window to add properties. Adding metrics are very similar to the graph.

To add a status indicator choose ''Status Light''. In the properties pane click ''select health rule''. Here you can select the health rule desired

To add and Iframe widget click on ''Iframe'' in the ''+''. This can be used to imbed external web based content into the dashboard. In the properties panel you can add the URL you would like to add to your dashboard. This will show the website in the widget.

Once you are finished designing the custom dashboard click on the far left icon to exit the edit mode. This makes the dashboard live.

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Answered on July 23, 2015 7:46 pm

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