How do I install the .NET application agent in AppDyanmics?

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  • How do I install the .NET application agent in AppDyanmics?
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How do I install the .NET application agent in AppDyanmics?

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Asked on October 30, 2015 3:35 pm
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The installation of the .NET agent has a wizard, unlike the more popular Java Agent. Follow the steps below for the typical successful installation:

**Install the .NET Agent**

1.Download the MSI installer package from the AppDynamics Download Zone.

2.Run the MSI installer package.

3.Read the End User Agreement and click to accept. Click Next.

4.On the Confirm location window, optionally change the .NET Agent installation directories:
*the destination directory for the .NET Agent executables and supporting files.
*New in 4.1.3, the parent directory for local data including agent configuration files and log files.

5.Click Yes on the User Account Control window to allow the installer to make changes to the computer.
If the current account does not have administrator privileges, the installer prompts you to supply the password for an administrator account.

6.Wait for the installation to complete.

7.For new installs, AppDynamics recommends you launch the AppDynamics Agent Configuration utility.

**Configure the .NET Agent**

Launch the AppDynamics Agent Configuration utility to configure the .NET Agent

In the Windows menu, click AppDynamics > .NET Agent > AppDynamics Agent Configuration.
If the ''Warning: 3rd Party Profiler installed'' message displays, click Yes to exit and uninstall any pre-existing profiler.

**Restart instrumented applications**

*For IIS, the configuration utility gives you the option to restart IIS or not.
*If you don't restart IIS, monitoring doesn't begin until the next time IIS restarts.
*You must restart Windows services and standalone applications manually.

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Answered on October 30, 2015 3:52 pm