How do I instrument the new machine agent functionality in 4.2?

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  • How do I instrument the new machine agent functionality in 4.2?
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Asked on April 29, 2016 2:38 pm
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a. First you will need to ensure you have one of the appropriate licenses active.
They are:
i. Server Monitoring
ii. Service Availability Monitoring
iii. APM Machine Agents

b. Then the Machine Agent needs to be upgraded to the same version as the Controller.
i. Go to to get the new agent
ii. Check the dropdown of the agents being shown to ensure it matches your controller version.
iii. If it doesn't you can change the drop down to the version needed

c. Download the agent

d. Once the agent is done downloading right click on the agent .zip file and go to Properties->Unblock. This will ensure correct installation

e. Extract the agent to the AppDynamics C: directory

f. Make a full back up of the current Machine Agent folder in case it needs to be rolled back if upgrade does not work.

g. Stop the current Machine Agent Service

h. Delete the old Machine Agent directory
i. Manually copy and paste each tag to the new controller-config.xml as the new controller-config.xml file has more native tags in the file.

j. Run an elevated command prompt to start the installation .vbs file

k. Start the agent and verify through the logs that the agent has started

l. Check the Controller UI and go to Tiers&Nodes to confirm the agent is reporting

m. To add the new Server Monitoring functionality you first need a license, but it is enabled by default on the controller

n. In the controller-config.xml file go to the tag and change it to true.

o. Restart the agent and the new functionality will be active.

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Answered on April 29, 2016 2:51 pm