How do we install ALM12.2 with a newer DB version than supported?
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We are about to install a new instance of QC/ALM12.20.
We see that there is a Patch 1 out that supports MS-SQL Server 2012 SP2 and we want to use that with our new QC server.

When we run the QC/ALM12.20 installer, it gets as far as the Configuration Wizard, then a few pages in to the page where we specify Database connection, then it fails with a "Database version not supported" error.

So, we need to install QC/ALM12.20 (unpatched) in order to install Patch 1 so we get support for the newer SQL-Server service pack, but how?

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Asked on May 6, 2015 10:51 pm
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Yes, it does look a bit like a ''Chicken and the egg'' type of problem, but there is help.

If you EXTRACT the ALM12.20 install files to a folder (don't use a DVD or ISO), you can go to the extracted ''ALM-Win64'' folder (Windows), and then open ''validations.xml'' with Notepad.

***< db-supported enabled=''true'' / >*** tag to

**< db-supported enabled=''false'' / >**

Save the file.

Then when you run the installer (again), it will ignore the DB version check.

The expectation here is that as soon as you can, you install QC/ALM12.20 Patch 1 to be in compliance with the System Requirements - SQL-Server 2012 SP2 is ''officially'' supported with ALM12.20 Patch 1.

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Answered on May 6, 2015 10:59 pm

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