How do we Limit BPT License Usage?

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We have a very limited number of BPT Licenses for Quality Center. We need those licenses available to our users that actually use BPT. When people log in, if the BPT users are not the first to log in, the BPT Licenses are gone. How do we prevent standard users from consuming BPT Licenses?

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Asked on June 30, 2014 2:30 pm
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To control the users that will be able to use the two BPT licenses you will need to customize your project(s) by adding groups, assigning users, and limiting the BPT Module to only the group that is created.

1. Open the ALM Client
2. Click on Tools along the top of the window and then Customize
3. Click on Groups and Permissions (in the left-hand side of the window)
4. Click on New Group
5. Give the new group a name (i.e. BPT_users)
6. In the SetAs drop-down you can select a group that has already been created to base the new groups permissions on (it is recommended that you use the tdadmin group and then remove un-needed permissions)
7. Assign the authorized BTP users to the new group
8. Under the permissions tab add or remove permissions for the group
9. Click Save
10. Click on Module Access along the left-hand side of the window
11. Scroll over to the heading, in the grid< for Business Process Testing 12. Uncheck all groups under Business Process Testing except for the group that was just created 13. Click Save Once this is done only users in the new group (BPT_users) will be able access the BPT module and pull a license.

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Answered on June 30, 2014 2:52 pm