How do you move HP-synchronizer Server (database) to a new server during upgrade?
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We have an old load of HP-synchronizer Server on an old Windows 2003 Server.
Our IT department wants us OFF this old server and onto a newer one.

We noticed that the newer HP-Synchronizer Server versions also work all the way down to QC11, so we can use the new one and just indicate our QC version.

HOW do we migrate our existing HP-sync link data over to the new server?

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Asked on July 18, 2017 2:55 pm
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This is a common question and a bit confusing.

Before you do any migration:
Set all links to MANUAL (not automatic/scheduled) and stop the service.

Actually, the easiest way is to backup each link with the export option that backs up link with data (creates a ZIP). these can be restored into a new/blank database fairly easily, but be careful about the ''invalid adapter type'' issue (

The OTHER (much more involved) way to migrate would be to first confirm a full backup of your existing Postgres/HP-Sync data.

You can also do a MANUAL backup:

HP-Sync should be making backups regularly in the ''HP Application Lifecycle Management Synchronizerbackups'' folder. Copy these over to the new Server (desktop for now).

INSTALL the SAME version of HP-Sync as your old/existing server on the NEW server. This will place a BLANK database there.

If your are using any customization, apply these first to the new server.

confirm the HP-Sync client (same version as old one) can connect to the HP-sync server you just installed and can start to create a link (no need to save it).

Stop HP-Sync service.

Then take note of the name (or rename) and copy the latest database backup from old server to the Backups folder.

Use the ''restore'' batch file < HPE ALM Synchronizer installation directory >binrestore_data.bat (from command line) with command (see HP-sync USER's Guide for more info):

***restore_data.bat < backup filename >*** (where backup filename is the file you just copied to the backup from the ''backup'' folder)

When restore is complete, start the service, login with the client and look to see if your links are in there.

NOW, you can follow the normal HP-Synchronizer UPGRADE process as noted in the HP-sync Server install guide.

Make sure that the Postgres service is RUNNING during the install in order to get the installer to upgrade the database.

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Answered on July 18, 2017 4:35 pm

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