How to disable repository validation when installing ALM?
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We are standing up a TEST environment (exactly same ALM 12.21 version) and are intending to migrate most of our projects over to it from TEST. We are backing up each project schema/db and restoring to the TEST DB server as usual, AND we are just copying the whole "repository" folder from PROD to TEST (this is easy as we already have that folder being backed up and they can easily restore the whole thing to this new server).

When we run the installer, it complains about repository/repid mismatch and nodes on a cluster.

We saw somewhere where we could stop the ALM installer from checking the repository folder structure so it does not complain bout primary node/secondary node cluster stuff but did not see how.

We do NOT want this TEST server to do any clustering!

How do we disable the repository checking on install?

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Asked on December 21, 2016 4:43 pm
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The install guide has in it's appendis a section about ''Disabling Validation Checks for the Installation Wizard''.

Basically, you set a flag in an initialization file. BUT, you need to COPY the installer files for ALM to your server's hard drive or network share (I highly recommend the local drive). Then you can edit the validations.xml file.

1. In the ALM installation directory, locate the validations.xml file, which is near the installation
executable ( ALM_installer.bin).

2. Open the validations.xml file for editing and changing the validation value from true to false for the line containing:

repository enabled=''true''

When it is set to ''false'', the installer will ignore the repository validation and expect that it was directly/completely copied from the same QC version (or same format as this version uses). This setting is great for creating a TEST server.

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Answered on December 21, 2016 4:49 pm

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