How to do table validations from an application faster?
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I am working with a powerbuilder application and I am moving from standard checkpoints to custom checkpoints. The custom checkpoint I am working on will pull all the information from a table in the application and store it in an excel spreadsheet. It will then compare the values in the application’s table after aging the table by a few months to the excel spreadsheet. I have been able to put the information in an excel spreadsheet, however, the process takes a while. Is there a faster way to do all of the comparisons as opposed to doing the row x column number of comparisons through a nested for loop solution?


************Update: 4/27/2012**************

I did check out the link. I used the following line of code to get the info from the PbDataWindow object table without crashing it in a double nested for loop to grab cells individually.

objTable.Describe("Evaluate(‘LookUpDisplay(#" & Row & ")’, " & Column & ")")

The current process takes roughly 45 minutes for large reports, though I’m looking through the documentation for a faster working solution.

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Asked on April 13, 2012 9:03 am
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Have you check out the comment on [''pbdatawindow data using QTP''][1]


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Answered on April 27, 2012 9:27 am

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