How to find out if there is any OTA API change from ALM 12.21 patch 6 to ALM 12.21 patch 7
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Hi all,

How to find out whether there is any OTA API objects/Interfaces/methods/properties change between ALM 12.21 Patch 6 and ALM 12.21 Patch 7?

I verified ALM 12.21 Patch 7 release notes for this information but couldn’t find it.[link text][1]

I am assuming that, if there is no OTA API change from patch 6 to patch 7 then post installation of ALM 12.21 patch 7 there is no need to perform revalidation of entire Workflow code associated functionalities because those were previously validate under patch 6 and we’re working fine with 12.21 patch 6. This assumption will definitely save huge testing effort , so I am Keen to know if this option can be considered ?

Please provide your valuable inputs on the above proposed assumption.


[1]: /storage/temp/926-alm-12-21-patch07-release-notes.pdf

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Asked on February 1, 2019 3:08 am

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