How to force QC Explorer to one default QC server URL only?

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  • How to force QC Explorer to one default QC server URL only?
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We have a few QC servers, QA, Prod, and even a demo/test area for training. We encourage most folks to use QC/ALM Explorer as much as possible, and have it already installed on our Workstations. As most know, once you put in a QC server URL, it is listed in the drop down to choose from. With changes to server addresses, and when you have visited a few servers, the drop down list can have a lot of options or have wrong options.

Deleting and uninstalling the add-in can remove such options (but not all the time as we have seen on some older workstations), but we have been asked a lot about trying to make it easier for folks to navigate to the right spot. I guess some users choose the incorrect URL from the drop-down, etc.

Question is if there is a way to default QC Explorer add-in to one address only? I primarily wish to cut down on user error and just make it simple for new hires, etc.

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Asked on April 3, 2013 3:02 pm
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Not seen a way to have QC Explorer default as you say to just one and only one URL if you have used the add-in to go to more than on QC server. The add-in definitely retains a history.

What I have done in the past is to just create a new desktop shortcut or edit the one already present and change the Target location to open directly the QC URL I want it to. That way the shortcut only opens one server location.

Create new shortcut to the desktop or wherever you want it for the QC Explorer exe file if you don't have one already. Right click on the shortcut and select properties.

The default Target location will be where the add-in was installed. Typically something like `''C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesHPHP ALM Explorer 11HP-ALM-Explorer.exe'' ` for a QC11/ALM install.

QC10 might show up as `''C:Program FilesCommon FilesHPQCExplorerQCExplorer.exe''`

Edit the Target location by adding your URL address to the end of the string.

Examples: `''C:Program FilesCommon FilesHPQCExplorerQCExplorer.exe'' http://localhost:8080/qcbin `

Or `''C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesHPHP ALM Explorer 11HP-ALM-Explorer.exe'' http://localhost:8080/qcbin `

Save your edit and when you open the shortcut, it will default open to the specified URL address.

You can create other shortcuts to the original exe file for QC Explorer and put in different URLs if you wanted. Direct links to each QC server and an elimination of user error or confusion.

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Answered on April 3, 2013 3:08 pm