How to get our existing QC server to use a NEW Database server?

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  • How to get our existing QC server to use a NEW Database server?
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We plan to migrating our QC Databases to a NEW database server (new name and IP).
How do we get everything to stop using the OLD DB server and instead use the NEW one?

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Asked on June 18, 2015 5:47 pm
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QC points to the DB server in two ways: siteadmin.xml (for how it reads qcsiteadmin_db, and each project independently points to it's DB location)

You must update the siteadmin.xml to point to the NEW DB server AND change the DB server that is referred to for each project.


* < QC_HOME > is the installation directory of Quality Center

o Win 2003: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataHPALMapplication

o Win2008 and later: C:ProgramDataHPALMapplication

o LINUX: /var/opt/HP/ALM/application

**Modifying siteadmin.xml For JBoss/JETTY:**

Updating the siteadmin.xml file on the application server involves the following steps - instructions written with Windows OS in mind.

1. Open the 20qcbin.war folder (from < QC-HOME >application20qcbin.war folder) and navigate to the WEB-INF sub-folder (this instance of the 20qcbin.war folder should only have a few files including siteadmin.xml in the WEB-INF sub-folder)
2. Copy the siteadmin.xml file to your desktop or other backup location.
3. Open the siteadmin.xml file (from application20qcbin.warWEB-INF) to edit with NOTEPAD (or similar text editor).
4. Change the ''DbUrl'' value to point to the NEW Database Server (it may be a simple as changing the DB server name in the string).
5. Save the siteadmin.xml file to desktop or file folder.
6. Run the DEPLOYMENT wizard for quality center (from HP Application Lifecycle Management folder in Start Menu) - deployment can take 3-5 minutes to complete).
7. When QC service is back up and running, test with the ''qcbin'' landing page. If you see it, QC is working.
8. A way to further test that QC is NOT using the OLD DB server would be to STOP the OLD Database server or de-activate the qcsiteadmin_db Schema/database temporarily on the old database server and see if QC still works when you go into Site Administrator.

**Each Project will still need to be re-pointed:**

Once you bring up Site Administrator after pointing to new server and re-deploying (siteadmin.xml above), you still need to get each project to refer to this NEW database server as well.

This is done with a REMOVE / edit DBID.xml /RESTORE process for each project (this assumes you have already migrated the various project DB's appropriately).

9. On the DBSERVERS tab in Site Admin tool/page, you will see a line item for the NEW DB server as well as the OLD one. Take note of the DB connection string (this is called the DB_CONNSTR_FORMAT) and the name in the list to the left (usually just the machine name - this is called the DBSERVER_NAME).
10. Click on a PROJECT in Site Admin, then take note of the ''Project directory'' on the Project Details tab for the selected project.
11. Rt-click on the Project and REMOVE it (this just takes it out of the list/tree)
12. Go to the project directory with a file manager/explorer tool and open it's DBID.xml file with NOTEPAD or similar text editor.
13. MODIFY the DB_CONNSTR_FORMAT and DBSERVER_NAME so that they match the NEW DB Server information as seen on the Site Admin DBSERVERS tab.
14. Save file
15. Rt click on a domain in the Site Admin projects tree and RESTORE a project, then point to the DBID.xml file you just edited.
16. After the project restores, confirm on the Project Details tab the Database Server is the NEW one.
17. Repeat for ALL of your projects.

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Answered on June 18, 2015 5:57 pm