How to I create permissions for a user in AppDynamics to where I only share certain dashboards?
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I need to share just a few dashboards with users. How do I do this in AppDynamics?

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Asked on July 26, 2016 8:15 pm
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a. First you will need to be signed in as the root user.

b. Next you go to the Administration section found under the settings wheel at the top right of the Controller UI.

c. Click on the ''Roles'' tab

d. You can then either select a role that has already been created that you want to add this permission to or you can create a new role by clicking on the plus icon.

i. Note: you cannot change default roles permissions.

e. Once you have selected the role or started a new one, the roles window appears.

f. Click on the ''Custom Dashboards'' tab

g. You will then see a list of the currently created Custom Dashboards in the Controller

h. Go to the Custom Dashboards you would like to change

i. You can then select ''View'', ''Edit'', or ''Delete''.

i. This will give the role these permissions for that individual Custom Dashboard.

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Answered on July 26, 2016 8:32 pm

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