how to identify chromium objects in cefsharp (CEF+Winforms) application using UFT?

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  • how to identify chromium objects in cefsharp (CEF+Winforms) application using UFT?
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i need a small help.. can UFT/LeanFT identify the chromium objects in CefSharp(CEF+Winforms) application? if yes could you please provide the steeps?


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Asked on May 7, 2016 3:33 am
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***Working with the Chromium Embedded Framework (UFT 12.53)***

If you have applications that contain the Chromium Embedded Framework, UFT
can record and run tests on these applications using standard GUI testing support.
These details apply to both Java CEF and Adobe CEP.

*Note: Chromium Embedded Framework objects are not supported for other
Web-based add-ins, such as .NETWeb Forms, Web-based SAP, Siebel,
Java, or the Web 2.0 Toolkits.*

You must enable communication between UFT and your application as follows:

**For recording:**

Add the remote debugging address and URLfor the Chromium
controls in the Remote Connections pane of the Options dialog box
*(Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Web > Remote Connections node)*. This
enables UFT to find the application's objects when recording.

**For running tests:**

Manually add a statement to your test or component to enable UFT to
attach to or detach from the application:

* WebUtil.AttachRemoteDebugging
* WebUtil.DetachRemoteDebugging

For more details on the AttachRemoteDebugging and DetachRemoteDebugging statements, see the Web section of the UFT Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

***Known Issues - Chromium Embedded Framework***

**Nonsupported functionalities:**

* Object Spy
* Navigate and Learn
* Drag and Drop
* Active Screen
* Web options (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Web node)
* Recording on multiple tabs or windows
* Low-level recording


When recording, a page navigation script may display after a page is fully loaded. This may lead to errors when recording. To avoid errors in your script, wait until the navigation step is
recorded before continuing.


Only standard, bitmap, and text/text area checkpoints are supported.

**Unsupported test objects and methods:**

* Browser dialog boxes (like Alert, Confirm, Prompt)
* Browser methods
* Modal or modaless dialog boxes
chrome://* pages
about://* pages
* WebFile test objects
* ViewLink test objects
* WebXML test objects

**Localized versions:**

When working in localized versions of UFT, connecting to an application that includes Chromium Embedded Framework objects via the localhost may have errors. In such cases, use the IP address instead.

**Ending processes manually:**

You may need to end the WebDriverHost.exe and chromedriver.exe processes manually in the following situations:

* If UFT was connected to an incorrect port
* If the CEF application was not closed correctly.

In such cases, you must end these processes manually to avoid unexpected behavior when working with the CEF application.

*The above was found in the UFT 12.53 Addins Guide.*

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Answered on July 18, 2016 10:18 pm