How to restrict a UDF list from manual entries?

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Is there a way to limit a UDF lookup list value that is manually entered? We have a list that is populated with user ID names. Within the context of applying the field a value, it can be confusing on which user ID might be the proper one to choose. Well a lot of our users, given this confusion as I call it, will select more than one user by placing a semi colon to add a second user ID to the field after choosing one from the drop down.

While we have tried to explain our process and get our users to pick one, we keep on getting more than one value in the list and its leads to issues with reporting and email notifications. I would like to remove the ability to add the second user ID. How can this be done?

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Asked on February 27, 2013 3:43 pm
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To ensure that only a value form the list can be chosen, and no semi colon ; separator can be used to add another user, a simple change in the UDF settings is all that is needed.

Within the project that has the UDF list you wish to limit, open Customize->Project Entities->Module->User Fields->User List field for the field in question. You should be on the Settings page for the UDF list.

At the bottom is the lookup list that is applied to the field and below that are two check boxes, Verify Value and Allow Multiple Values. For your case, click the Verify Value and have the Allow Multiple Values unchecked. The Verify value will not allow for a semi colon ; to be entered. An error popup will open if a user tries to enter that value. The Verify Value then only allows one valid entry from the dropodown lookup list and that is it.

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Answered on February 27, 2013 3:44 pm