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Hi Team,

currently am working with LeanFT and am trying to automate Infragistics control(Ultrawingrid). LeanFT is identifying the infragistics Object(Ultrawingrid) as Table and displaying all the table methods but those methods are not sufficient. am trying to type caste the table into IUltraWinGrid to expose the grid methods but its throwing invalid type caste error.

use the below code :

IUltraWinGrid grid;
grid. (once you click the dot "." then all the methods related to the grid will display)

am doing type caste like this

var pricinggrid = Desktop.Description(new TableDescription
ObjectName =@"GrdPrice"

IUltraWinGrid grid = (IUltraWinGrid)pricinggrid ;

but the type casting is not working and its throwing error invalid type caste.
kindly suggest me on this or else please provide sample code to automate Infragistics Grid(Custom,Ultra,Data…) in LeanFT C#.



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Asked on November 13, 2016 12:22 am
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Have you tried contacting Infragistics support about this?

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Answered on October 19, 2017 6:38 pm