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My company is using Hp ALM version 12 with database oracle 11.1g and now my company client have set up the same environment with new ALM server and with the same HP ALM version in their station. They have instructed to migrate all the data to their server which may be .qcp,.bkp etc and they are using MYSQL as database. So that henceforth they would be supporting this HP ALM activity from their station. Now being the HP ALM new admin of my company what sort of questions should I ask to client since they are supporting from their environment to us? For example I can ask what would be the performance once the data is transferred from our environment to client environment. Like this can someone help me with as many question which can be expected from our company side? If any other details required please revert me by replying

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Asked on January 13, 2016 8:17 am
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Hi RAK26,
Be it known that HP ALM is only officially supported on Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases and currently has no support for MYSQL (and at this time no planned future support that we are aware of, as HP doesn't provide their roadmap for future releases and functionality/support). Please see the supported environments for current versions here: https://hpln.hp.com/page/alm-qc-enterprise-technical-specifications as usage of an unsupported environment can't guarantee correct functionality and/or operation/performance. Should issues arise in the future, support through official channels can be denied (it is at the support providers discretion) due to the use of a not ''officially'' supported environment, even though it appears to work and function as normal the use of an unsupported environment can't guarantee full functionality and compatibility as it is not fully tested and verified for correct functionality.

Assuming the environments are like in their design for layout of sufficient overhead and performance resources available, the performance should remain the same when moving environments, but such things as VPN or gateway usages can/may hinder performance as well as the usual traffic encountered through distance connectivity (assuming the servers are housed remotely and not locally as is the case with your current hosting situation) not to mention that the database they are utilizing isn't tested or guaranteed for performance functionality with HP ALM.

I would assume you should have no issue utilizing the .qcp movement of the projects (assuming they are within the useable size constraints and limits of the .qcp file), as that is an agnostic version (again this hasn't been tested on the MYSQL platform), but the usual methods of moving the projects may cause issues should the .qcp not be a viable method as moving between various DB versions using backups is an intricate and evasive operation (and once again should issues arise or be encountered, support can be denied based upon it being an unsupported environment for HP ALM).

Hope this helps, but I would recommend that they utilize a full officially supported environment to maintain guaranteed compatibility and future support should it be needed.


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Answered on January 13, 2016 1:38 pm
Thanks for your answer Dan, I like it but can I have any other suggestion for asking the question to the client apart from your answer, which will be better for my company prospectus, Vpn is a very good point, suppose they tell us that we must convert from oracle to mysql and send it to them so that it may save their headache?
( at January 16, 2016 5:09 am)

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